Louisiana Girl in Camo – It’s Nothing New

BinCamo5If you had told me a few years ago I would be wearing camouflage pants in 2017, I would have said you are crazy. But as the saying goes, “Never say never.” I do not remember which blogger suggested these J.Crew pants I now own, but for some reason, I had to buy them. The surprise factor when I received them is they are a wider leg style with a super high waist. What to do?!

The wider leg makes styling the outfit a bit trickier. Here are a few tips:

  • Your cropped sweaters and tops will be marvelous with these pants as long as the fit is closer to the body. Why? Because the pants are wide, the look is more balanced with a fitted top.
  • If the cropped sweaters don’t work, try tucking a top or sweater, as I have here, and cinch the waist with a fun belt.
  • Lastly, wear heels. A wider leg pant means you will look shorter. Most of us cannot afford to lose any inches in height. Am I right?! So, throw on your cutest platform booties. Mine have a moto vibe, which jives well with the pants.

I am definitely rolling my eyes at myself since I have been seeing camo on guys since I was a kid. This is hunting season, after all. But I am definitely making these pants my own. The key is to not take the camo too literally. I have enjoyed throwing in my feminine and “wow” touches.

I am sure you have noticed lots and lots of camo these days. It is on everything from bags to hoodies to shirts and dresses. I am hard crushing on this camo sweatshirt from Zara.

How adorable is my friend Jenna below in her camo top? I’ve linked it here, along with a similar style here.


I remember seeing the guy below in a camo trench at a party in Chicago in 2015, and I could not stop looking at him. He looked so cool and relaxed, and the popped collar is a fab touch. That said, camo, while developed to disguise one in nature, has a standout factor in real life. I have linked a similar men’s trench coat from Zara here.


What are your thoughts on the camo craze? My final thought is to put your own spin on it as each of us has done here. That way, you don’t blend and you feel great!

Happy shopping and here’s to standing out in camo!—Bethany

2 thoughts on “Louisiana Girl in Camo – It’s Nothing New

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  1. I’ve always been on the fence about this trend mostly because I was forced to wear it every year to a fashion event I worked. I like your pants though because the cut makes them unique and different! I think if I can find something different about it whether that be the design or how it’s styled then I’m on board! Definitely on trend!!!

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    1. I agree. I totally shocked myself by buying these pants, and then I thought, “Hey, this would make a good SIS post.” Ha! It’s been fun trying different things with them. Thanks for reading it, friend!


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