2018 Wardrobe Essentials

I am hearing a lot people say they want to shop less and spend more wisely this year. I am on board!


Defying Convention to Find Your Signature Style

It took me roughly 30 years to find my style. I was born in the Deep South at a time when your mode of dress demonstrated your class ranking in the same way as your table manners and your ability to speak “proper” English.

Mind Your Manners

The South likes to think of itself as a polite society where learning proper manners begins at birth. Instead of saying, “no,” we say, “no, sir,” to our elders. We say, “Yes, ma’am,” never just “yes.” Young men are taught to open and hold doors for ladies, as well as to rise when a woman... Continue Reading →

The Keys to Dallas Style

There are as many style types in Dallas as there are anywhere else: boho, classic, feminine, modern, etc. But the elements which I believe are present in Dallas across all style types are these...

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