2018 Wardrobe Essentials

January is an awkward month for shopping, not much remains from the winter sales, spring hasn’t fully hit the stores, nor do you need any of it in January. This make January ripe for planning how you will spend your hard-earned wardrobe dollars. If I were to sit down and make a list of every item I think you should have in your closet, the list would be at least 20 items long. Since I like to keep my blog posts short and sweet, I’ve drilled down to the top five. Moving beyond the basics, here is where I think investment makes sense.


  • A blouse. Every closet I’ve ever assessed has a mountain of knits: t-shirts and sweatshirts. A blouse is more special. It is made of a silky material, hides a multitude of sins, and it can be worn just as you would a t-shirt. However, it takes your look to a more elegant, finished place. One of my favorites is by Equipment. They have a new animal print version here that I adore.IMG_2092
  • A blazer. You might never step into a boardroom or negotiate a deal in court, but a blazer should still be on your wish list. It is the perfect piece when you want to look sharp and powerful, pulled together and smart. The thing I love most about a blazer is its versatility. It can be worn with jeans, with a skirt, with trousers, or even with an evening gown if that is your thing. I also enjoy wearing it as you would a jacket on a crisp evening where a coat is too heavy. Find one that is fashion forward (not accountant). You won’t believe how often you’ll go to it. Mine is Ralph Lauren. Frame has a lovely velvet version here.IMG_7738
  • A dark wash jean. Jean trends change so quickly, it is impossible to keep up. This is why a dark wash jean in a flattering cut and rise for you should be on your list. They are slimming and appropriate for most occasions whether it is a cocktail party (with said blouse mentioned above) or girls’ night out or a ballgame. Jeans and a pullover sweater is my winter go-to winter outfit because I like to feel warm and covered. Mine are vintage Levis. A similar style is hereIMG_2040.
  • A leather jacket, trench or overcoat. It was difficult for me to narrow this list to one. Bottom line, find an outerwear piece that makes you feel powerful and warm if that is needed where you live. A leather jacket makes you feel like you can do anything, super power-charged. A trench is elegant and also has a “bad” vibe, but in a more ladylike kind of way. An overcoat provides more coverage and draws eyes to you. I’ve coveted a camel colored overcoat for several years, and I finally nabbed the one I’m wearing above on super sale last spring (sometimes you have to buy well out of the season for the best deal). Here is one to consider.IMG_2050
  • A statement piece. What I mean by this is something that tells us who you are. It doesn’t have to be a wild sweater like mine, nor does it have to make a loud statement. Just look for something you connect with, something that tells us your story. It can be a string of pearls, a whimsical clutch, a red lipstick or a gorgeous shoe. Often, your statement piece is one you feel in your gut you have to buy, though it is difficult to put into words why you are drawn to it. This one is hard to plan. You’ll know it when you see it.

I am hearing a lot people say they want to shop less and spend more wisely this year. I am on board! Our best outfits come from fewer choices. Purge your wardrobe and invest wisely this year. Need help? Call me! Happy New Year!

Photo credits: Christina Childress (me in blouse), What Jenn Wore (me in blazer), Styled Out West (me in jeans, overcoat and argyle sweater).

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  1. Totally agree with these. And I’ve been coveting that last sweater you’re wearing. I would add a black and white striped tee. It can be dressed up with said blazer, worn with denim to a ballgame and mixes nicely with other patterns to create a statement look!


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