How to Update Your Style

Sometimes you just need a change. One’s style should adapt to what is happening in our lives at the moment. But you don’t want to lose yourself in the process. While you may feel the desire to make changes to your style, you may hesitate in doing so because you do not want to lose that part of  your style that is “you.” I get it. I’ve lived big changes on at least a few occasions: a new career, motherhood and a move across the country.

IMG_6374Here is my advice on remaining true to yourself while adjusting your style:

  • Observe the landscape and make small changes. In the case of a move to a new location, this means observing your new place and purchasing items that will serve you there. In Seattle, for instance, I have added rain boots, a long puffer coat and a few warm hats to my wardrobe. In the case of a new baby, you need more wash and wear clothing. A new job requires clothing that communicates the brand of your employer. Retirement means letting go of your formal work attire. But, note the word “small” above. Make changes little by little, not a 180 overnight.
  • Absorb the energy and vibe of your new location or new situation. Seattle is much more casual than Dallas. While I may not dress to the nines often, my look, while more casual, is chic and polished. As another example, you may receive a promotion that requires you to dress with more authority. Bringing in darker colors and certain pieces will do the trick.
  • Choose your color palette thoughtfully. Lighter, brighter colors make you and those around you happy, increasing everyone’s energy level. We definitely need more color on the typical gray, winter days in Seattle. As in the example above, darker colors communicate authority and power. You may need more navy and black when you take on more responsibility at work so others view you as the one in charge.
  • Don’t be a copycat. You might see a lot of a certain style of something in your new city or at your new job, but that does not mean it is right for you. The same goes for any new situation in your life. I had a client who, after the birth of her son, bought a lot of clothing she thought a mom would wear. But the clothing she chose made her sad rather than happy because they were too classic, failing to communicate her fun, upbeat vibe. Before our move from Dallas to Seattle, I thought I would wear traditional UGG boots, only to discover after one wear I hated them. But I needed a pair of boots to keep my feet warm and dry. Six months after ditching the ugly UGGs, I found the perfect weatherproof wedge boot with shearling that had the right amount of panache. These boots functioned for Seattle, yet they were “me.” Low and behold, they are by UGG (in the photo above)!

The biggest takeaway here is to take your time and to make a few changes here and a few changes there. This gives you time to adjust and to determine if the changes you are making are right for you. Have fun and call me if you need help. I love helping others find their style!—Bethany


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