Life Changes… Style Changes

IMG_7443What happens to your style when you move to a new city or a different part of the country? It depends mostly upon the differences between the two places.

In my case, in January 2015, my husband, our twins and I packed our bags in Dallas, Texas for a big move to Seattle, Washington for my husband’s new job. It was not a move I was excited about to say the least. I had happily lived in Dallas for 21 years where I built an image consulting business and established many cherished friendships.

Life in Seattle is quite different than life in Dallas. The weather and climate aside, this part of the country is an outdoorsman’s paradise – numerous places to hike, to snow ski, to boat, you name it. Once we shake off the cold, wet winter in Seattle, you will find everyone outside. Unlike the South, you can remain outside for as long as you like. It rarely gets too hot (even in the sun), and I cannot recall the last time I was bitten by a mosquito – what a welcomed change!

My Seattle look is more urban, less formal and it involves a lot more layering. I have happily added new jackets and several new styles of boots to my wardrobe. But my look is still “me.” I still rock a bold red lip, and I wear the heck out of any jewelry with sparkle. I have simply added companion pieces that work for life in Seattle, and you can be sure those pieces, while functional, are modern and fashionable.

I welcome you to visit and see it for yourself. I think you will love it!

(Photo by Heather Lundy of HerCommonThread.)


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