Dream a Little Dream at Neiman Marcus

IMG_0773I have always been a bargain shopper, the one who could find the unique treasures in the resale shop, the cool pieces in Goodwill and the forgotten items on the super-duper clearance racks. So, it was a surprise to me to find myself in my later 20’s in possession of the coveted Neiman Marcus store card. At the time, you either paid for your purchase by cash or by Neiman Marcus credit. In fact, it was not until late 2011 that Neiman Marcus (aka Neiman’s) began accepting Visa and Master Card!

What led me to take out a Neiman’s card? Enter these fabulous Gucci sunglasses. IMG_9149I spotted them in my Elle Magazine, and that was it. I had to have them, no way around it. Before making the purchase, I wondered if I would lose them, and my oldest brother, a long-time Neiman’s customer by that point, assured me I would keep track of them. He was right! I still own them, and I still love them.

Neiman Marcus is more than just a store, it is a place to experience fashion and superb customer service. When you step through the doors of any Neiman Marcus store, you step into a rare place where fashion and art collide. IMG_0782Stanley Marcus, the son of one of the founders, Herbert Marcus, Sr., said, “Art enhances the quality of people’s lives and the customer shopping experience.” You can see Mr. Marcus’ vision come to life as each store is inspiring in its thoughtful and artistic design.

Neiman Marcus was founded in Dallas in 1907, and it was immediately successful as wealthy Texans were hungry for quality fashion not normally available in Texas. Neiman’s has endured many ups and downs, one of the first being a fire in 1914, which destroyed the store and all of its merchandise. But, as the saying goes, “Don’t mess with Texas,” Neiman Marcus has always found a way to rise from the ashes, both literally and figuratively.

This month marks Neiman Marcus’ 110th birthday. That makes me proud. I still possess that coveted NM card for those moments of weakness when I spot a little treasure I have to have. If you have not stepped into Neiman Marcus store in a while, or ever, I hope you will, especially if you love fashion and art.

Happy Birthday, Neiman’s! May you continue to make little dreams like mine come true!

Side note: The above sunglasses are, naturally, no longer available; however, this pair by Fendi has a similar vibe, along with this pair by Tom Ford. If you want to make jaws drop, this pair of Swarovski crystal rimmed shades by Gucci will do the trick, or this pair of red, chunky geometric sunglasses by Alice + Olivia. Red is the color of Fall 2017 after all! All are available for purchase at Neiman Marcus, naturally, or by clicking the links here to purchase. Need help finding the right pair for you? Call me!

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