What’s in a Name?

fullsizeoutput_7c14When our twins were born in 2010, we waited to meet them before naming them. We had a few ideas, but we wanted to be sure the names we gave them reflected who they are. I believe you become the meaning of your name without trying. It just happens, and there isn’t a whole lot you can do to change it. As it turns out, Vivien, which means spirited and lively, is the perfect name for our daughter who loves to smile, laugh and be silly. Our son Nathan, whose name means gift of God, is that and more. He is kind, sensitive and quite inquisitive about God. In him is a wisdom I can’t explain beyond giving God the credit.

As we were moving from Seattle to Dallas this summer, I was thinking I needed to change the name of my blog from Southern in Seattle to something else. I have been wracking my brain to come up with a catchy name that does not sound style-focused because I enjoy writing on many topics, not just fashion. No dynamite ideas have surfaced. Then, I was speaking to my younger brother yesterday, and he said I didn’t need to change the name. He said Southern in Seattle has a “stickiness” to it. “It is part of your story,” he explained. He’s right. Southern in Seattle says a lot about me.

fullsizeoutput_7c13Being in Seattle was wonderful in many ways, but it was also quite difficult. On a professional level, I was struggling to find my way as an image consultant, building my network from nothing. This blog was born from the idea of sharing my southern discoveries in the Pacific Northwest, from a southern eatery to architecture inspired by southern influence, and local figures who hail from the South. However, as I explain on the blog home page, Southern in Seattle, at its core, is about transition, bringing things that remind you of home closer to your heart.fullsizeoutput_7c10

As I decide which direction to take the blog, I will keep the name intact for now. Thank you to my brother for the sage advice. If a new name comes to me organically, great. In the meantime, let’s stay on this ride. I look forward to seeing where the blog goes from here. As always, I appreciate your support and the time you take to read what I write.


Bethany “Southern in Seattle”


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