Dallas Contemporary & Jeremy Scott

fullsizeoutput_8212Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting the Dallas Contemporary’s retrospective on American designer, Jeremy Scott, who has been the creative director of Moschino since 2013. Jeremy, who lives in Los Angeles, is originally from Kansas City, Missouri. After graduating from Pratt Institute in New York City with a degree in Fashion Design, Scott relocated to Paris where he immediately debuted an eponymous brand in 1997. In 1999, he was nominated for Best Young Designer by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).


I was blown away by his designs, the intricate work, the explosion of colors and the extreme creativity. Seeing a designer’s work from your computer screen or a magazine does not give you the depth, the detail and the rich color you see with your own eyes.

fullsizeoutput_822dWhat remains with me most from this exhibit is Scott’s playfulness. He brings many things back from your childhood like Fruit Loops, Hershey’s chocolate bars and McDonald’s French fries and puts them into a dress, a hat or a bag. After all, fashion should be fun, an expression of all the things that have made you who you are today.

fullsizeoutput_8225The “paper dolls” hanging at the back of the exhibit invite you to wander through and stay a while. Who would think of putting “tabs” and a “dress facade” onto fabric? Only an enormously talented fashion designer. They were a big “wow” for me, and they made me smile.

My favorite of all his designs in this exhibit are the “graffiti” dresses. Now there’s something you don’t see every day. Let’s create a gorgeous gown and pretend like someone spray painted all over it. Genius.


fullsizeoutput_8211Honestly, picking a favorite amongst all of these gorgeous pieces is impossible, but I am a huge fan of the “car wash” dress, which is entirely of sequins. It must weigh a ton, but I’d wear it.

fullsizeoutput_820bOne of the most wearable and comfortable looking dresses in the exhibit is the “Declaration of Independence” dress. Its design is chic and timeless. I want it.

The designs are creatively displayed throughout the exhibit, which flows as a big loop you so don’t miss anything. I loved the “runway,” of course, but I also enjoyed the designs situated on high, giving you a wonderful view of the fabulous shoes!

If you are a fan of art, especially fashion design, please do not miss this wonderful exhibit. It is running at Dallas Contemporary through March 17, so you better hurry.

fullsizeoutput_821eThanks for reading!


Bethany, Southern In Seattle

All photos are my own.


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