A Love Letter from My Son

I’m the writer in the family, but I have some competition. Yesterday while helping my son with his math homework, I noticed a paper turned over on the table. I turned it over and saw it was titled, “My Mom.” My kids had told me they were writing a piece in class about a person who stands out. Nathan had told me he wrote his story about me. I was very touched, and I told him I hoped I could read it. He smiled and nodded. This was a while ago, so I had kind of forgotten about it.

While he finished his homework, I finally got the chance to read this piece I had heard about. Here it is.

My Mom

Flowers, polka dots, stripes, and bright colors and more. The person who stands out in a crowd to me is my mom. She is the most creative and caring person around.

One example is her image consulting business. She doesn’t tell people what to wear. She picks out colors that people might like. She wants you to express yourself. She often asks what makes you happy, what do you want to wear? My mom is not only caring for her clients, she also makes friends with them because she sometimes says, “I’m going to my friend Mary’s house to help her with her style.”

That is what makes this person unique. She cares about so many people. Not only does she pick out clothes, but she also helps organize closets when needed. I never knew people needed a closet organizer until she started to do that job. I hope she cleans my closet, but that is just a wish.

In conclusion. of all the people that stand out I think my mom stands out the most. I hope you have a loving caring mom like I do.

Early Mother’s Day Gift

I was kind of speechless after I read it, I did not know how to react. Then, I started to laugh a little because I was so overcome. I explained to Nathan I was not laughing at the beautiful piece he had written. I said I was just so overwhelmed by it. Nathan is a gentle, sensitive young man, and he makes me so proud. It is nice to know that I also make him proud. I feel seen, I feel loved and I feel very grateful for this early Mother’s Day gift I will treasure always. Thank you, Nathan. Keep doing you. I love you very much.

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