What Are My Goals?

I’ll be frank. 2022 has me stumped and unmotivated. I am not sure what to strive for this year. I know many of you have already set goals and are working towards them. I can’t seem to find it in me to set a few tangible goals. I’ve never loved January. In fact, I shared on my podcast last year in episode 30 New Year, Old Anxieties that January makes me feel anxious. Someone recently said, January is the Monday of the year. It is!

Taking Good Care

What I am doing this month is taking care of myself and my family. The things I am doing are listed below. I’ve been a business owner for 14 years, which is hard to believe. Despite all the pluses of being your own boss, entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Working through the challenges of the pandemic have been difficult both personally and professionally. In short, I’m tuckered out.

Considering this, I stepped back from work. I did not send a newsletter for a few months, and I’ve not published a podcast episode since August. What I’m finally learning after my 49 years is to take advantage of the energy I have earlier in the year to plan for a physical slowdown later in the year. If I have an annual content plan in place, it will be easier to keep up with my publications even during the holidays (or when I get tired). It’s a nice idea. Will I do it? 

My First Goal

As I wrote this, I identified my first goal of 2022: plan content for the year. It’s a lofty goal, but a doable one. I like to write what’s on my mind/heart in the moment, so planning out months in advance won’t be easy. I can always deviate from the plan. However, if I have a plan, in the months when I don’t have ideas, I’ll have options at my fingertips. You can hold me to this. Ask me in a month if I planned my content for the year: podcast, blog posts and newsletters. 

A Big Idea

Another idea floating around my head is to publish a book. I am considering self-publishing. Since some of you have walked this road, I’d love to learn from you. If you’ve published a book, please share your advice and wisdom in the comments. My book idea centers around encouragement to be yourself in your style. I’ve made a career of it, so I have likely written this book in social media posts several times over!

My Self-Care Accomplishments

Although my professional goal-setting this year is lacking, I have ticked off several self-care goals this month:

  • I did a marma session with Christina Vargas of SimpleVeda. You must do one! This service treats imbalances in the body, chronic pain, insomnia, stress, anxiety and more. I felt happy and balanced afterwards. Marma is a beneficial add-on to what you might already be doing with meditation, massage and yoga. If Christina is not in your area, look up Ayurveda practitioners near you.
  • I started seeing Dr. Madison of Rhythm Chiropractic for chronic neck pain. For many years, my neck would tighten during times of higher stress. Finally, in the fall of 2018, my neck became restricted and tight, and it would not let up. Dr. Madison has her work cut out for her, but so far so good! I like that she has a holistic approach to healing. Chiropractic adjustments allow the body to heal itself, which it is designed to do.
  • I did Dry January, and I cut out sugar. I feel great about these two accomplishments, although I must confess to scarfing a bakery chocolate chip cookie mid-January. Earlier this month, I read about the benefits of Dry January here. It further convinced me that even short stretches of positive lifestyle changes are immensely helpful. Your body is in a constant state of repair. If you give it less to do, you begin feeling better as your body can address other things it has not been able to. I’ve noticed I sleep better, I feel less anxious and I’m generally happier when I’m living a cleaner lifestyle.
  • I booked a skin check with my dermatologist. The last time I had an appointment (December 2020), I completely forgot about it. I was so embarrassed, it took me over a year to call and re-book. All skin tones need sunscreen, and everyone needs a dermatologist to perform a skin check once a year, especially if you have a family history of skin cancer. 
  • I did 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene. I’m not quite done. I have a few more days to go. Every January, Adriene Mishler of Yoga with Adriene does 30 Days of instruction on her YouTube channel. Every day you show up on your mat for a 20–25-minute session. I do mine early in the morning before I get myself ready and get the kids up for school. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this “me time.” I’m smiling at my phone as I start the video every morning, almost giggling. If you’ve never done yoga or have never done 30 days straight, get started. I started with two yoga session per week three years ago. My mind and my body are thanking me for this gift.
  • My husband and I booked a trip for my 50th birthday in April. It has been five years since we took a trip just the two of us. I can’t wait to escape to Playa del Carmen. I’m dying for a beach and lots of rest.

Looking at all the above, I ought to feel accomplished about January. Now that I see it in print, I do! Comment below and let me know how you feel about January. Love it or hate it? How has your January been?

Wishing you a beautiful 2022 where you are kind to yourself and to those around you. As Adriene likes to say, “Inhale lots of love in; exhale lots of love out.” 

Photo of me by Sarah Evans @sarahevansphotog.

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